When Can Wisconsin Car Accident Injuries Have Long-Lasting Effects?

While being injured in a car accident always causes unwanted hardship, some injury victims are at least fortunate to make a full recovery and return, more or less, to the life they led before. However, many car accident victims experience lingering effects that may not be immediately apparent, but can still permanently affect their lives. If you are suffering from the long-term physical or mental effects of a car accident [...]

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Pursuing Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries and Long-Term Treatment

Many injuries sustained in an accident may heal over a period of weeks or months, but others may require long-term or even life-long treatment. These types of injuries, which are otherwise known as catastrophic injuries, often receive higher amounts of compensation. Unfortunately, the pursuit of such claims can be complex, and there is always the risk of a denied or reduced settlement. Thankfully, there are some things that victims can [...]

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