Protecting Your Child from Auto Accident Injuries While Traveling This Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for cheer, and for families. If you are visiting yours this year and have a small child, the following information can help you learn how to protect them from auto accident injuries while traveling this holiday season. You shall also discover what sort of compensation you may be entitled to, should a crash and injury occur. Safe Driving Habits Are Critical During the Holiday Season Nearly [...]

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Teen Drivers and Texting: Encourage Your Teen to be Safe Behind the Wheel

Although they represent only 14 percent of the U.S. population, teen drivers account for approximately 30 percent of all motor vehicle injuries. Their increased risk is due, in part, to inexperience. However, recent studies suggest that distracted driving (particularly cell phone use) is a major contributing factor in nearly 60 percent of all teen car accidents. As such, it is critical that parents encourage their teens to use safe driving [...]

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