Motorcyclists and Catastrophic Injuries in Rear-end Collisions

Typically, a rear-end collision is considered to be a minor type of motor vehicle accident, as evidenced by its nickname, “fender bender.” When motorists in passenger cars are involved in a rear-end accident, they have seat belts, airbags, and the steel frame of the vehicle to protect them from injury. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, have no such protection. In fact, they often have little more than a helmet to [...]

2015-06-11T12:54:39+00:00June 11, 2015|Motorcycle Accidents|

Motorcycle Deaths Continue to Rise Amongst Boomers

Late last year a 60-year old man was headed to work on his motorcycle when the driver of on on-coming vehicle made a left turn in front of him. The turning driver did not properly judge the timing, and the motorcycle rider clipped the back end of the car. As a result, he was ejected from his bike and was pronounced dead at the scene. The turning driver was ultimately [...]

2015-04-23T12:39:19+00:00April 23, 2015|Motorcycle Accidents|
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