Wisconsin burn injury attorneysThe pain experienced by burn injury victims is complex and of serious concern, not just immediately after the injury, but also in the years to come. Sadly, science has struggled with pain management for such victims. Part of this is due to the way that burns affect the body, which is quite different from other types of injuries. Thankfully, a new study now suggests that tarantula venom may hold the key to improved pain management for burn victims. Learn more, discover what compensation you may be entitled to after a burn injury caused by negligence, and see how an experienced attorney can assist with your claim.  

Understanding Why Burn Injuries Are Different

When the body is injured, signals are transmitted to the brain by special sensory neuron receptors called nociceptors. Sitting on top of those nociceptors are tiny membrane proteins that respond to specific types of pain stimuli, such as pain from heat – or burn pain, which is unique in how it reacts with the body’s nociceptors. It opens a sodium channel known as Nav1.7 and allows an electrical current to flow directly through the cell as charged ions.

Until now, scientists could only dull the pain that is caused by this reaction. Typically, it involves a multidisciplinary plan that includes the use of strong opioids. Associated with an extremely high rate of addiction, these drugs can cause serious and unwanted side effects. Yet, without pain management, victims would suffer excruciating pain.

Tarantula Venom Blocks Burn Pain in Clinical Trials

In the first study to successfully relieve burn injury pain, researchers took venom from the Peruvian green velvet tarantula and tested it on lab rats. This toxin, which is widely known for its ability to selectively block Nav1.7 over other sodium channels, proved to be even more effective than opioids, but with fewer side effects. Sadly, this toxin does wear off quickly, so it is unlikely to become a treatment method, in and of itself. Instead, scientists will likely attempt to develop a medication that can mimic the venom’s blocking power but last far longer.

Pursuing Burn Injury Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

When a burn injury is the result of negligence, victims have the right to pursue compensation for their medical expenses, financial losses, pain and suffering, and/or the loss of a loved one. Sadly, these already injured parties are often treated unfairly by insurance companies and negligent companies. Willing to do almost anything to avoid a payout, some may even attempt to shift the blame over to you – the injured party!

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