Green Bay personal injury lawyersPersonal injury claims are highly complex matters, and victims who choose to pursue them on their own are often unprepared for the battle they must face. Unfortunately, this can place them at risk for a reduced settlement or a denied claim. Do not let this happen to you. Understand what the burden of proof is, how it can affect your case, and how you can ensure your rights are skillfully protected in a personal injury claim.

What is the Burden of Proof?

Before a defendant can be found liable in a personal injury case, a certain amount of evidence must show that the individual’s actions “more likely than not” contributed to the injury or death of the victim. This means that there must be at least a 51 percent likelihood that the plaintiff’s claims are true (the plaintiff has to only “tip the scales” slightly in his or her favor to prevail).

Protecting Your Rights in a Personal Injury Claim

Sadly, the justice system is not always fair to victims. Injured people, who have suffered tremendous loss, are often attacked by insurance companies trying to avoid a payout. Their personal lives may be used against them, and every possible effort is made to devalue their claims.  For some, the situation can be highly traumatizing. Others feel they are only further victimized when all they wanted was to recover the damages they felt they were rightfully owed. Thankfully, there are ways that you can protect yourself from these painful situations.

Seasoned personal injury lawyers recognize the risks and struggles that their clients are up against, and they take every precaution possible to ensure their clients are protected. They offer guidance, support, and advocacy at every turn, improving the overall chances of a positive outcome in a victim’s case. Furthermore, a compassionate lawyer will handle all of the legal details for injured victims and their families, providing them with time and energy they need to heal and grieve throughout the complex personal injury claims process.

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