Green Bay auto accident attorneysThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that Americans spend more than 1 million days annually in hospitals due to auto accident injuries. The CDC also tells us that victims usually incur more than 75 percent of their medical costs within the first 18 months after their injuries. While a number of these aches and pains reveal themselves immediately after the accident, this is another small, yet significant implication that many car crash injuries can surface weeks, even months following the accident.

Post-Accident Bumps and Bruises

There are countless types of injuries you may experience after being involved in a car collision, but the following are some of the most typical injuries to burden victims in the aftermath of the crash:

Ankle sprains – A sprained – or sometimes broken – ankle is often one of the first injuries car crash victims experience. Whether brought on by blunt force from suddenly hitting the brakes or from rolling the ankle while attempting to reach them, the ankles are an easy target when collision strikes. You may have injured your ankle bone or surrounding tendons during a crash if you noticed a snapping or popping sound at the time of impact, or if you feel moderate to extreme pain along the side of your foot. A dead giveaway to an ankle sprain (or potential break) is the inability to walk. If walking is too painful or nearly impossible, you may need medical evaluation.

Whiplash – While a hurt ankle may be one of the most common car crash injuries, whiplash is among the most notorious and widely publicized. This is because whiplash often involves long-term side effects that can sneak up on car accident victims over time, at times causing ongoing medical problems. This injury gets its name from the rapid, whip-like motion that affects the neck upon impact. Common symptoms include neck stiffness and overall pain, as well as headaches and chronic, recurring migraines.

Psychological disorders – The mind is just as susceptible to injury as the body following a car collision. Research from the National Center for PTSD shows that car accidents are a common triggering event for posttraumatic stress, including general emotional distress. Depression and anxiety are also conditions often brought on by involvement in a car accident. Studies have found that around 9 percent of all motor vehicle accident survivors develop PTSD, and notable numbers of those survivors also go on to develop driving phobias and various forms of anxiety disorders.

Whatever symptoms you may notice after your involvement in a car collision, it is important to remember that not all injuries surface immediately. It is crucial to ensure you have proper legal counsel on your side in the event you must protect yourself in a court of law. Speak with a Green Bay, WI personal injury attorney the moment you find yourself in an auto accident. Call [[title]] today at 920-739-7366 for a special consultation.