appleton car accident lawyerWith spring coming, heavy rain and thunderstorms will once again put motorists at risk of accidents. An accident can happen at any time, but wet weather makes the risk of an accident even greater. After an auto accident, it is essential to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure all evidence is collected promptly. 

Slick Road Conditions

Severe rainstorms can create slick roads and increase dangerous driving conditions. Once the road surface is wet, vehicles have a shorter stopping distance and can experience a loss of control. This is especially dangerous when drivers do not slow down and maintain safe distances. Losing control of a vehicle on a wet road, known as hydroplaning, can lead to serious accidents and injuries. 

Decreased Visibility

Hard rainstorms or fog can lead to decreased visibility, leading drivers not to see other vehicles, traffic signals or signs, or other people or objects on the road. This can lead to a collision by either striking a car, pedestrian, or object directly or as they are swerving to avoid one obstacle and hit another.

Exacerbated Maintenance Issues

If drivers are not keeping up with basic maintenance issues on their vehicles, bad weather can make the problems worse. Worn tires will be unable to stop on demand and can also lead to a lack of control on wet roads. Old or worn-out windshield wipers can decrease visibility and impair the driver’s ability to see other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects on the road. Burned-out or faded headlights and taillights reduce a driver’s vision of the road and other drivers’ ability to see that vehicle.

 If you have been in an accident, it is critical that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as it is possible following the crash. This will ensure that important evidence will be gathered and preserved. This can include pictures of the accident scene, including skid marks and traffic markings, taking statements from witnesses, gathering footage from traffic cameras, and obtaining 911 transcripts. Other time-sensitive photographs include pictures of bodily injuries before they heal or are treated and photos of the damage to a vehicle or other property before it is repaired.

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