In Appleton, drivers need to be aware of large trucks on the road. These vehicles are heavy and often there is the possibility of driver fatigue affecting the safety with which it is operated. Given the heft, the stops and starts and the amount of time commercial vehicles spend on the road, accident are inevitable. When they do, , sometimes people are seriously injured. In others, there are fatal truck accidents.

A crash involving four vehicles sent a woman to the hospital in critical condition. The mid-morning crash happened when a garbage truck reduced speed for a scheduled pick-up. A truck delivering beer hit the garbage truck from behind. The vehicle driven by the woman – a Chevrolet Suburban – hit the beer truck. The Suburban then crossed the center-line of the roadway and had a head-on collision with a Chevrolet Blazer.

The 29-year-old woman was taken to the hospital via helicopter. The other drivers were taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not life threatening.

Accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks are all too common. These trucks serve an important function delivering goods across the country. However, the long hours that the drivers tend to work can lead to driver fatigue and a truck crash.

When there is an accident with injuries or fatal truck accidents, the entire case must be investigated thoroughly to determine exactly what happened. Hospital bills can be massive. Injuries can stop a person from working and make necessary extensive rehabilitation and long-term care. Families affected by a truck accident need to know their rights.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, “Brodhead woman seriously injured in four-vehicle crash, ” Bailey Berg, June 13, 2014