Green Bay truck accident lawyerAll types of truck accidents can be very dangerous, and people in other vehicles can be seriously injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer truck. However, some of the worst truck accidents involve situations where a truck turns over. In these cases, another vehicle may be crushed underneath a truck’s trailer, spilled cargo may create dangerous obstacles in the road, and the overturned truck may block multiple lanes of traffic, leading to a multi-vehicle pileup. Victims of truck rollover accidents will want to work with an attorney to determine the causes of the crash, which will allow them to hold the liable parties responsible for the injuries and damages they have suffered.

Negligence Leading to Truck Rollovers

There may be multiple causes for truck rollover crashes, and in many cases, negligence by truck drivers and trucking companies is to blame. This negligence may include:

  • Driver error – If a driver is not properly trained on how to drive a commercial truck safely, they may lose control of their vehicle, causing the truck to turn over. Speeding is a common factor in rollover accidents, and if a truck driver is traveling too fast, their truck may roll over when going around a curve. Distracted driving is another common cause of these types of accidents, and if a driver is not fully paying attention to the road, they may need to swerve suddenly to avoid other vehicles or obstacles, causing their truck to turn over. Rollovers can also occur if a driver does not properly account for weather conditions that could affect their truck, such as heavy rain or strong winds.
  • Inadequate maintenance – If a truck is not properly maintained, its systems may fail, causing the driver to lose control and resulting in a rollover. Truck tire blowouts are a common cause of rollover accidents, and they can occur if worn tires are not replaced. Faulty brakes or steering systems may also affect a driver’s ability to navigate through traffic or around curves, and this loss of control can lead to rollovers.
  • Improperly loaded cargo – Items should be loaded on a truck’s trailer in a way that properly distributes the weight. If cargo is not distributed properly, or if improperly secured cargo shifts during transit, a trailer may become imbalanced, causing the truck to turn over. Overloaded trucks also increase the risk of rollovers, since too much cargo will often cause a trailer to become top-heavy. In these cases, a truck may turn over even when negotiating curves at speeds that would normally be safe.

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