appleton hit and run lawyerBeing the victim of a hit-and-run car accident is one of the most frustrating and upsetting experiences that you can go through, especially if you have been seriously injured. In the immediate aftermath of a crash, it can feel as though the at-fault driver has escaped justice, and that there are no options for holding him or her accountable and recovering compensation for your damages. However, there are important steps that you can take that may help you identify the driver, obtain financial relief, and achieve some peace of mind.

Important Steps After a Hit-and-Run Crash

If the other driver flees the scene of the accident, it is important that you act quickly so that you have the best chance of finding the driver. Specifically, you should:

  • Alert the authorities. Calling 911 immediately after your accident not only ensures that first responders can come quickly and help you get the medical attention you need, it also notifies law enforcement of the other driver’s actions and begins the process of bringing that driver to justice. Failing to stop after being involved in an accident is against the law in California, and if the accident results in injuries, doing so is a felony offense. The information you provide to law enforcement can help them make an arrest and identify the driver so that you can file a civil claim against him or her.
  • Talk to witnesses. Car accidents are often shocking and disorienting, and chances are, you did not get a good look at the other driver, their vehicle, or the direction in which they left. For this reason, it is important to try to identify and talk to other nearby witnesses who can provide valuable information to help you and the police identify the driver.
  • Call an attorney. An attorney can work with you and law enforcement to thoroughly investigate the accident and find other useful evidence, potentially including video footage of the crash from a security or dashboard camera, or testimony from people who may have information about the driver. Your attorney can then use this evidence to build a strong case for your compensation.
  • File an insurance claim. If the driver is identified and located, you can file a personal injury claim against that driver and pursue compensation through their liability insurance. If the driver is uninsured, or if you are unable to identify the driver, you may have the option to file a claim with your own car insurance provider.

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