appleton personal injury lawyerWhen a person is involved in a car accident, he or she may be completely unsure of what to do next. The first step in any car accident is to address any injuries and move the vehicles out of harm’s way (if possible). If the accident appears minor, many people choose to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver without involving the police. It may seem easier and less stressful to avoid police involvement after a car crash. However, doing this can be very risky.

You Cannot Be Certain as to the Extent of the Damage to Your Vehicle

How certain are you of your knowledge of motor vehicles? After an accident, a cursory glance at the vehicles involved may lead you to believe that the damage is minimal. However, even minor fender-benders can cause damage that is not immediately apparent. A jolt to your car or truck may have caused the frame to shift, damaged electronic sensors, or caused other internal damage. These issues can significantly increase the cost of repairing the vehicle. Without a formal police report, it may be difficult to prove that these issues were caused by the accident.

You May Be More Injured Than You Realize

Adrenaline is a hormone released into the bloodstream during a stressful or scary event such as a traffic accident. This hormone results in an increased heartrate and dilated pupils, and also can reduce the pain that an injured person feels. Many people do not realize how injured they actually are until hours or even days after being involved in a crash. If you do not contact the police after an accident, it can be nearly impossible to prove that any injuries you sustained were the fault of the accident. A full police report can dramatically strengthen your claim to cover the costs caused by the accident.

You Need a Written Account of the Accident

If you call the police after an accident, you will have a formal police report of the accident. This is extremely important. Without the police report, the claim with your insurance company will only be based on word-of-mouth, which is much less effective. Successful personal injury claims can be almost impossible without a police report as well. Without this documentation, you might not be able to receive compensation for your damages. Most often, damages in a car accident with injuries include medical bills, and ongoing medical expenses, lost wages from time off work, and other expenses.

Contact a Green Bay Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to calling the police, it is also a good idea to connect with a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after your accident. Your attorney can help identify and preserve important evidence, as well as assist you in understanding your available options for seeking compensation. To speak with an experienced Appleton car accident injury attorney from Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd. call us at 920-739-7366. We offer cost-free initial consultations so there is no risk to you. Call our office today to get started.