appleton car accident lawyerIt is well-known that the roads are more dangerous in the winter. Snow and ice make for slippery streets and impaired visibility. Drivers are expected to use reasonable caution, considering all the circumstances. This means that people are expected to take the weather into account when they are driving and be particularly careful. Unfortunately, some do not, and serious accidents result. If you were hurt in a car crash because someone was driving unsafely for the weather, you will want to contact a lawyer as soon as you can. Winter weather has a way of quickly covering up necessary evidence at the crash scene. 

What Types of Driver Negligence Are Common in the Winter?

Drivers have two main duties during winter weather – to drive safely for the weather and make sure their vehicle is safe to drive in the snow. Here are some types of driver negligence to be aware of this winter: 

  • Inadequate scraping – No one wants to be outside scraping the ice and snow off their car any longer than necessary. However, it is necessary to keep at it long enough to remove any accumulations that impair visibility. Crashes can happen because a driver did not see another vehicle due to inadequate ice removal. 
  • Short stopping – It takes longer to safely come to a stop on icy roads. Drivers should know they must increase their stopping distance to avoid a rear-end collision. 
  • “Fun” maneuvers – Younger drivers, in particular, may enjoy attempting maneuvers such as “drifting” or doing “donuts” in the snow. Reckless driving near public streets or occupied lots is a recipe for losing control and causing a wreck. 
  • Poor maintenance – Vehicles require more careful maintenance in the winter than in the summer. It is crucial to check that tires have the appropriate tread to handle icy conditions. Failure to replace broken headlights and tail lights quickly can create additional dangers when visibility is already poor. 
  • Driving too fast for conditions – Driving too fast, and especially taking turns too fast, can easily lead to losing control of the car and spinning out, potentially causing a multi-vehicle crash. 

No matter the cause, if you were hurt in a car accident, you will need to start working with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. In winter storms, critical evidence at the accident scene can be blown away or covered up quickly. It is best to call the day of the accident if you are able to for this reason. 

Call a Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney

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