Appleton truck accident attorneys, winter weather, semi-truck accidentsOn a good day, semi-trucks are ominous and potentially dangerous to drive around or behind. However, when winter weather strikes, even the people who drive them get nervous—some so much that they completely take their vehicles off the road. But what do they do when severe conditions creep up, or they are faced with a sudden and unexpected situation? Most do the very best they can. Yet sometimes it simply is not enough. And then there are the cases in which negligence plays a role, and every person involved is affected.

Semi-Trucks and Winter Weather Conditions

Snow, sleet, ice, hail, and wind can negatively affect driving conditions for every driver, but for those that drive large commercial vehicles, the stakes are much higher. Stopping time—already longer for semis—increases dramatically. Crosswinds and winds that run under their vehicles can cause their trailers to veer out of lane, and trying to correct can make the problem worse. Slipstreams of wind caused by passing vehicles can pull them in quickly and cause a collision. Moreover, all of these issues are only further compounded by the slick surface of the road.

Government officials can and do call a cease-driving on semi companies if conditions become too dangerous, but most of the time, drivers are left to make the decision on their own. Some will try to push through, regardless of the conditions. Others will stop as soon as they can and either try to make the time up after conditions have improved or simply call it a day and risk a late delivery. But until they find an exit, they may end up driving in conditions that would make even the bravest of heart extremely anxious.

Adding Negligence into the Mix

Although the majority of semi drivers take the dangers of their trucks seriously, others sometimes behave negligently. At times, it can be because they are pushing too hard for too long to avoid making a late delivery. In other instances, it is downright poor decision making—driving intoxicated, failing to yield, driving aggressively, speeding, or tailgating, just to name a few. When you add in this factor, a semi-truck in winter weather conditions becomes a deadly weapon bound to do harm.

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