appleton personal injury lawyerEveryone is at risk of being injured by a drunk driver. Incredibly, people have even been injured by drunk drivers while sitting indoors. Due to the unpredictable nature of drunk drivers, the crashes drunk drivers cause can be extremely serious, frequently involving multiple injuries and more than one other vehicle. People who drive drunk and cause an accident can be held liable for their actions both in the civil justice system and the criminal justice system.

If you were injured by a drunk driver, you should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will want to conduct their own investigation promptly, as they may need more or different evidence than what the police collect.

What Should Wisconsin Drivers Know About Drunk Driver Liability?

Being injured by an intoxicated driver can be particularly frustrating because of how easily the accident could have been prevented if the driver had been responsible and not gotten between the wheel of a car drunk. A few things you may want to know if you are in this situation include:

  • Third parties – There are very limited circumstances in Wisconsin where a third party can be liable for a drunk driving accident. If you have concerns about possible responsible parties, aside from the driver him or herself, contact an experienced attorney.
  • Criminal charge – Some people are worried that if the drunk driver somehow avoids getting a citation, it could destroy their claim. This is not the case. Your claim could go ahead even if the drunk driver avoids charges. It is also important to remember that in Wisconsin, a first offense OWI or PAC citation is a traffic ticket.
  • Delayed injuries – Accidents caused by drunk drivers can be quite a shock when they happen. The adrenaline in an injured party’s body can make it harder to notice injuries right away, so be sure to make note of any new pains that develop hours or days later.
  • Punitive Damages- A drunk driver may be liable to an injured party for punitive damages. Understanding whether a viable punitive damages claim exists requires the involvement of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

There can be a lot going on in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. Taking control of the situation early by reaching out to an attorney can help.

Call a Wisconsin Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer

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