Green Bay, WI dog bite attorneyMany people think of dogs as loving companions, which can make it all the more shocking when a dog attack occurs. Nevertheless, thousands of Americans suffer dog bites each year, and many of them require medical attention for their injuries. If you have been bitten by someone else’s dog, you may be wondering how you will pay for the treatment you need to recover. Fortunately, under Wisconsin law, you have the ability to pursue compensation.

When Is a Dog’s Owner Liable for Dog Bite Injuries?

In Wisconsin, the law provides for strict liability on the part of the dog’s owner for any damages the dog causes, subject to the potential contributory negligence of the victim. If the dog has a previous history of injuring a person without provocation, and the owner is aware, the owner can be liable for double the amount of damages caused in subsequent attacks. However, due to a change in Wisconsin law within the last five years, it is very important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, as there are specific qualifications for recovering “double damages” (for example, “sufficient bite force” and leaving “permanent physical scarring or disfigurement.”).

What Damages Can I Recover in a Dog Bite Case?

Some dog bite injuries are minor, but many are severe and have the potential for lingering effects. If you have been bitten, you can seek compensation for damages including:

  • Medical expenses: Dog bites can cause puncture wounds, lacerations, and blood loss, and they can also easily become infected. Rabies and other infections can also be spread through a bite wound. Bite injuries can be especially serious for young children. You can pursue compensation for all expenses related to medical treatment for you or your children.
  • Lost income: If your dog bite injuries prevent you from working for a period of time, you can pursue compensation for lost wages while you recover to the point where you can return to your job.
  • Scarring and disfigurement: Dog bite injuries can lead to permanent scarring, especially in the case of injuries to the face. You can pursue compensation for the long-term negative impact this disfigurement may have on your life.
  • Emotional trauma: Dog attacks can lead to a life-long fear of dogs, and in some cases, post-traumatic stress. You may be able to seek compensation for your mental and emotional trauma in addition to your physical injuries.

Contact an Appleton, WI Dog Bite Injury Attorney

If you need to determine whether you can pursue compensation for a dog bite injury, [[title]] can help. We can gather evidence to support your case, including photographs of your injuries and the scene of the attack and any other information showing that a dog’s owner was negligent. We will help you build your case, and we will work hard to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages. Contact a Green Bay personal injury lawyer today at 920-739-7366 for a free consultation.