What to Do After a Dog Bite Incident

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but our four-legged friends are still animals who bite to defend themselves when they are in stressful situations. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. Whether you’re bitten by a friend’s dog or that of a stranger at the dog park, the following are actions you should take. [...]

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Taking Legal Action after Dog Bite in Appleton, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to an estimated 500,000 pet dogs. Each year in the U.S., roughly 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dog bites can be traumatic, causing severe physical injury, loss of income, emotional distress, and more. It is essential to immediately seek medical attention after the attack. A personal injury lawyer can collect and preserve evidence and [...]

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What To Do If You Were Bit By a Dog This Holiday Season

Aside from being painful and sometimes traumatic, dog bites can also be dangerous. Life-threatening infections can result in the most extreme cases. Permanent scarring and damaged ligaments or tendons are more common. Around the holidays, there may be a heightened risk of dog bites for several reasons. If you are bitten by a dog, it is very important that you take the injury seriously and have it treated by a medical professional. [...]

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Injuries in Animal Attacks May Include Dog Bites and Other Bodily Harm

As the weather warms up in the spring, many people are spending more time outdoors, and as more and more people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, they will be able to gather together and enjoy being sociable with others. Unfortunately, this increase in personal interactions also brings the possibility that some people will be injured by other people’s pets. After a long year of limited interactions with humans, some dogs may act [...]

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How to Pursue Compensation for Bites by Unleashed Dogs in Wisconsin

Well-trained and supervised dogs can bring joy to both their owners and people who encounter them in public, but an unleashed dog can often pose a safety risk. In Wisconsin, a dog’s owner can be fined and the dog can be impounded if it is allowed to run at large outside of the owner’s property without supervision or restraint. However, these penalties may pale in comparison to what may happen [...]

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Can I Receive Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries in Wisconsin?

Many people think of dogs as loving companions, which can make it all the more shocking when a dog attack occurs. Nevertheless, thousands of Americans suffer dog bites each year, and many of them require medical attention for their injuries. If you have been bitten by someone else’s dog, you may be wondering how you will pay for the treatment you need to recover. Fortunately, under Wisconsin law, you have [...]

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How Common Are Serious Dog Bite Injuries in the United States?

In the U.S., approximately 4.7 million people suffer dog bites every year, and around 800,000 people receive medical care for dog bite injuries. While injuries from dog bites can be serious or even fatal for any person, dog bites can be especially dangerous for small children, and victims can suffer life-changing consequences. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog, you will want to work with [...]

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What Factors Affect the Seriousness of Dog Bite Injuries?

Although dog bites are often thought of as minor incidents, they can result in serious injuries that cause a great deal of emotional and physical pain as well as disfigurement or scarring. Animal attacks can have serious financial repercussions, as medical treatment may be required, and a victim may suffer a temporary or permanent disability that affects their ability to work. If you or a loved one have suffered from [...]

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What Steps Should I Take After a Dog Bite Injury in Wisconsin?

Although most dogs are friendly and docile, they can become aggressive under certain circumstances. A dog bite injury can be a traumatic experience for both adults and children. A canine attack can result in severe lacerations, broken bones, and a variety of other injuries. In addition, dog attacks can have a lasting impact on a victim’s emotional well-being, particularly if the wounds lead to disfigurement. If you or a loved [...]

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How Common Are Dog Bite Injuries?

You know the saying that a “dog is man’s best friend?” A dog can absolutely be a wonderful addition to any family. In 2017, there were an estimated 90 million dogs throughout the United States. While the vast majority of dogs are usually harmless, any dog can react in an aggressive manner if provoked and sometimes without provocation. Here in the United States, dog bites are incredibly common. According to [...]

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