wisconsin dog bite lawyerAside from being painful and sometimes traumatic, dog bites can also be dangerous. Life-threatening infections can result in the most extreme cases. Permanent scarring and damaged ligaments or tendons are more common. Around the holidays, there may be a heightened risk of dog bites for several reasons. If you are bitten by a dog, it is very important that you take the injury seriously and have it treated by a medical professional.

Then, it would be wise to call an attorney, even if you do not yet think that your bite is very serious. Some medical consequences of dog bites, like infection, may not present immediately. However, some evidence should be documented immediately by a lawyer. Your attorney can help you pursue compensation for medical bills and other financial losses caused by the bite. You may also be entitled to compensation for non-financial damages like your physical pain and mental suffering.

What Causes Dog Bites During the Holidays?

Generally, in Wisconsin, dog owners or keepers are strictly liable for any injuries their dog causes. This means that dog bite victims typically do not need to prove that the dog owner did something wrong – the fact that they owned the dog when it bit someone is enough. Wisconsin’s strict liability dog bite law should motivate owners to take steps to reduce the likelihood of a bite, but this is not always the case. Around the holidays, dogs bite for reasons including:

  • Travel with pets – Travel can be stressful for dogs just as it can for humans. Stressed dogs in strange surroundings may become frightened and irritable, making them more prone to bite. Even owners who know their dog has the propensity to bite may bring their animals along, sometimes for lack of a sitter, sometimes because they are overestimating their pet. In certain situations, dog owners who already had notice that their dog was dangerous may be required to pay double damages. 
  • Crowds – Dogs, especially young dogs who got little socialization during their formative years due to the pandemic, may not be accustomed to being in a crowd. A dog owner may invite a large group over to her home for a holiday party or bring her dog to a crowded outdoor event. This can make the animal anxious and prone to fearful aggression. 
  • Unsupervised children – It is a common pattern at family holiday gatherings. The adults sit together catching up while the children play with their cousins in another part of the house or outdoors. Dogs and groups of strange children can be a dangerous combination. Owners should supervise their dogs around kids for safety reasons. 

If you or your child are bitten by a dog over the holidays, it is important that you both seek medical attention and get in touch with a lawyer. Dog bites can be more serious than they initially appear, so it is better to take precautions. 

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