wisconsin car accident lawyerWhen a tire blows out while a vehicle is moving, the driver is likely to lose control of the vehicle, causing an accident. These car accidents can happen very suddenly and be completely unpredictable. When an out-of-control vehicle begins to spin out, there is a high possibility that more than one other vehicle will become involved in the resulting crash. 

After a tire blowout, it can be difficult to tell right away who is at fault and may owe you compensation. This is why you will need the aid of a skilled attorney who can launch a thorough investigation to find out which party is responsible for your injuries. It is important that your attorney is able to start their investigation very quickly, before any evidence can be moved or interfered with. 

What Causes Tire Blowouts and Who May be to Blame?

If the driver had an inkling that their tires may not have been roadworthy and chose to drive anyway, that is likely to qualify as negligence on their part. Of course, the at-fault driver is unlikely to admit that they knew this could happen at the accident scene – or maybe ever. This is another reason that having a qualified lawyer manage an investigation is so crucial. Reasons that tires may blow out include: 

  • Overinflation – Overinflating a tire can put excessive pressure on the rubber, eventually causing the tire to rupture with force. This type of blowout often happens with no warning. Typically, the driver, or whoever else was responsible for filling the tires appropriately, will be liable in this case. 
  • Underinflation – Likewise, underinflation causes tires to begin wearing unevenly, eventually causing them to pop. 
  • Bald tires – Tires that have inadequate tread are more susceptible to being punctured or otherwise breaking easily. This type of tire blowout may be no big deal if it happens while the driver is going at a low speed through a quiet suburb, but can be incredibly dangerous if it happens on the interstate. Drivers generally should have replaced their tires long before this occurs.
  • Overload – Putting too much weight into a vehicle can cause the tires to burst. Pickup trucks and SUVs are particularly vulnerable to this careless mistake. Drivers are responsible for making sure that their vehicle can safely handle the load placed on it. 
  • Wrong tires – Using the correct size and type of tire is important. Liability may depend on how the wrong tires got installed. If the vehicle’s owner bought and installed tires on his own and made a mistake, he may be liable. However, if he took his vehicle to a shop and had a professional install the wrong tires, the shop could be liable. 

Determining liability after a tire blowout accident can take careful investigation. It is important that you begin working with a lawyer immediately so that they can begin preserving evidence right away. 

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