Appleton, WI animal attack lawyer for unleashed dogsWell-trained and supervised dogs can bring joy to both their owners and people who encounter them in public, but an unleashed dog can often pose a safety risk. In Wisconsin, a dog’s owner can be fined and the dog can be impounded if it is allowed to run at large outside of the owner’s property without supervision or restraint. However, these penalties may pale in comparison to what may happen if the dog attacks and injures someone while running freely. If you have been injured by an unleashed dog, an attorney can help you understand your options for pursuing compensation.

Handling Encounters With Unleashed Dogs in Wisconsin

If you come across an unleashed dog in public, following these suggestions may help you handle the situation:

  • Keep your distance: Even if an unleashed dog appears friendly, you should avoid approaching it, especially if you do not see the owner nearby. A dog can easily feel threatened by an unfamiliar person and may become aggressive as a result.
  • Seek medical attention for injuries: If you are attacked by a loose dog, you should receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Some dog bite injuries can be life-threatening or lead to permanent disability or disfigurement, and even seemingly minor injuries are at high risk of infection if they are not treated promptly.
  • Contact animal control: Notifying the authorities about an unleashed dog may not only help to remove a potential danger from the streets, but it can also help you determine whether the dog has an owner or a prior history of violence.
  • Identify the owner: If you are attacked by an unleashed dog while the owner is nearby, you should try to identify the owner so that you can pursue legal action. In Wisconsin, a dog’s owner is liable for any damages related to injuries caused by the dog, and compensation may be important to help you cover medical expenses and other losses.
  • Hire an attorney: A personal injury attorney may be able to help you identify an unknown dog owner, and they can also help you gather evidence demonstrating that the dog was responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer can also help you determine if you may be entitled to double damages, which can be awarded in cases in which a dog with a known history of unprovoked violence bites someone and causes permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Contact an Appleton Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Injury cases involving unleashed dogs can be challenging, both in terms of finding and identifying the owner and making the case for full compensation, but at [[title]], we have the experience necessary to help you obtain the financial resources you need. Contact a Green Bay personal injury attorney today to schedule a free consultation at 920-739-7366.