Green Bay automobile accident attorneys, concussion rates in childrenLike adults, children can suffer a concussion after any major blow or sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head experienced during an automobile accident, fall, or sports injury. However,  the signs and symptoms may be harder to detect for parents, which can leave children at risk for long-term complications. Furthermore, a recent study indicates that concussions in children may go largely unreported and unseen by emergency room doctors. This, too, could impact the outcomes for young children affected by a traumatic brain injury.

Study Finds Most Children Seen at Primary Doctors for Concussion Symptoms

Conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the recent study examined data on nearly 8, 100 children under the age of 18 who had been diagnosed with a concussion. Nearly 82 percent of the children were seen and diagnosed by their primary care doctor, not an emergency room doctor. Specifically, children between the ages of five and 17 were most likely to see their primary care doctors, with less than one-fourth going to the emergency room for their concussive symptoms. In contrast, approximately half of all children under the age of four visited the emergency room first. This creates issues with both tracking of outcomes for children in these age groups, and the effective management of concussions in children.

Time Between Injury and Diagnosis Problematic

Failing to go to the emergency room when a child suffers from a concussion could prolong healing time and delay the time for effective treatment management options. In addition, if parents are not immediately aware that their child is suffering from a concussion, they may not know that they should restrict activities that could cause further damage to their child, like video games, computer games, reading, and school work. Paired with the risk for a secondary injury if allowed to return to sports or other physically strenuous activities could put children at a high risk for long-term complications or more severe injuries. As such, parents should always take their child to an emergency room if they suspect a head injury after an accident or fall. 

Child Injured in an Automobile Accident? Seek Skilled Legal Assistance

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