Appleton construction site accident attorneys, construction in wisconsinWarm weather means backyard barbecues, fishing trips, sun tans, and children playing outdoors. However, it also means an increase in construction work—more road work, more work zones, and (unfortunately) more construction site accidents. Sadly, some may lose their lives because of these crashes. However, with the right information, families can increase their odds of staying safe and making it through the crazy Wisconsin summer construction season.

Work Zone Accident Statistics

Workers are especially at risk for severe and fatal injuries in construction zones. In fact, in Wisconsin alone, three workers were killed in construction zones last year. Still, drivers are also at risk. In fact, data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration shows that, of 87, 606 work zone accidents in the United States during 2010, 0.6 resulted in a fatal injury (576 fatalities in total). Another 30 percent of those accidents resulted in injury (37, 476).

Understanding When and Why Work Zone Accidents Occur

Approximately 70 percent of all work zone accidents occur during the day, when people are most likely to be out and about, driving to work, going on vacation, or simply heading out for a fun day with friends or family. Distracted driving is the biggest contributing factor, but following too closely, using excessive speed, and failing to notice workers or machinery are also common. As such, drivers should know how to navigate through work zones safely, regardless of the time of day.

Keeping Everyone Safe in Work Zones

The most important action that drivers can take when navigating through a construction zone is to eliminate all distractions: put electronic devices (including cell phones) away and avoid eating, using Bluetooth technology, changing the radio station, or even conversing with passengers. In addition, drivers should:

  • Maintain at least three seconds of braking distance;
  • Avoid driving too closely to the vehicle in front of them;
  • Leave early if they know they will be facing construction;
  • Follow all posted speed limits and expect them to change frequently;
  • Exercise patience and attentiveness within work zones;
  • Know how to read construction zone signs; and
  • Watch carefully for workers until notified the work zone has ended.

Injured in a Work Zone Accident? Our Attorneys Can Help

Whether you are a worker who was injured because of a driver in a work zone, or a driver who experienced an accident within a work zone because of negligence, the experienced Appleton construction site accident attorneys and Green Bay construction site accident attorneys at [[title]] can help. Skilled and resourceful, we will investigate the complex details of your accident and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free initial consultation to learn more. Call us at 920-739-7366 today.