Green Bay personal injury attorneys, deer hunting seasonAs hunting season comes to a close, statistics regarding this year's gun injuries and deaths have been announced, and it was found to be the deadliest in years, experts say. So deadly, in fact, that the number of fatalities surpassed the number of hunting-related deaths over the last five years combined. Several others were also injured, making this year one of the most dangerous in quite some time.

Incidents Attributed to Violations of Basic Gun Safety Rules

According to the Department of Natural Resources, every incident this year involved a violation of basic gun safety rules. In one, a hunter attempting to de-cock his gun accidentally shot another hunter. In another, the hunter had shot himself in the leg after falling asleep. In a third incident, one hunter shot another in the leg during a deer run. Sadly, these are not uncommon issues.

Experts note that most injuries can be traced back to basic gun safety violations, particularly failure to identify a target and another hunter being out of sight, but not out of range. Other common issues include careless use or handling of firearms, having the firearm loaded in the car, and ricocheting bullets.

Another factor that often contributes to increased injuries is the volume of hunters—as many as 840, 000 hunters during any given season. This is why the majority of incidents occur within a matter of days. Wisconsin has recorded 131 incidents within the past five years, with 34 percent of them occurring during the deer hunt. Deer drives, which account for about 30 percent of the injuries, are also a major contributor to the number of incidents each year.

Hunting Death or Injury? You May be Entitled to Compensation

Although not all gun deaths and injuries can be faulted back to negligence of the shooter, others do. Filing a lawsuit against a friend or family member becomes sticky (and simply a matter of preference). In Wisconsin, claims can be brought against just an insurance company without involving the negligent party. A victim can therefore receive compensation without causing these oft-worried-about “hard feelings” between family members or friends.

However, sometimes, complete strangers are responsible for the incident. It is also a good idea to maintain an adequate homeowners' insurance policy to provide potential coverage if you become the target of a claim similar to the one discussed in this article. Whatever the case, you and your loved ones may be entitled to fair compensation.

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