Appleton distracted driver lawyersWhile most states have taken a punishment approach to handling the problem of distracted driving, some app developers have decided a reward approach may be more effective. One in particular, “Down for the Count, ” is enticing teens with iTunes gift cards. And, according to an Arizona news report, it seems to be working. Could this be the answer to the distracted driving in America?

About the App

Developed in Arizona, the application seems to be targeting young drivers who may be either unaware or undeterred by local laws. Once they have downloaded the app, they can engage it anytime they are driving to track time behind the wheel. But they have to be fully committed. Once the app is engaged, it cannot be disabled until the car has stopped – not without losing their entire trip. The local news source talked to one teen who admitted that they have been much more diligent about not using their phone since downloading the app. But will the novelty wear off? And is the app for everyone?

Drivers of All Ages

One of the biggest concerns about the app is that it may not offer the appropriate reward for all drivers. For example, not everyone uses iTunes. One insurance company is trying to implement a similar tracking app that would give policyholders a discount each month for not texting and driving. But, again, the reward is only valuable to a small group of people. But maybe similar apps, with different rewards, could entice other drivers to put down their phones while driving.

Joining Reward and Consequence

When it comes to truly deterring drivers from texting behind the wheel, the most likely possible solution is a combination of reward and consequence. However, consequences should be backed by more than simple bans. For example, New York is working to implement a “textalyzer” device that will help law enforcement determine if a cell phone was in use prior to an accident or traffic stop. This, when combined with a wide range of rewards, could be the solution to decreasing the texting and driving issue in America.

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