Wisconsin distracted driver accident attorneysThe use of cellphones while driving often dominate the distracted driving conversations, but according to a recent study, it is not the most dangerous behind the wheel activity. In fact, cell phone use behind the wheel, while still dangerous, only came in second place in the statistical analysis of the most common accident-causing distractions. The greatest risk, which accounted for more than half of all distracted driving accidents (57 percent), was conversations with passengers.

Why Passenger Conversations Are Dangerous

Communication is a complex, multi-layered human interaction. As such, there are multiple reasons that a passenger-driver conversation increases the risk of accident. Conversation often relies heavily on body language, so drivers often turn to look at the speaker, taking their eyes off the road. They are splitting their attention between the road and the conversation, and studies have shown that the brain is not quite as good at multitasking as most people think, so they are less apt to notice potential risks ahead. Emotional conversations can make driving difficult, and unexpected news can further pull the driver into the conversation. All of these reasons, and more, put drivers and passengers at risk.

Distracted Driving Runners-Up

Cell phone use, not so surprisingly, ranked as the second most dangerous driving activity in the analysis, but only accounted for approximately 12 percent of all distracted driver accidents. Swatting a fly, putting on lipstick, wiping a smudge off the window, and other internal vehicle distractions accounted for approximately 11 percent of all accidents. Fighting children, silly dance moves, and other passenger actions accounted for another 7 percent. All other actions – a mix of various driver distractions that included everything from eating to moving the seat – made up the remaining 23 percent of distracted driving accidents.

When You are the Victim of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving puts everyone at risk, including other drivers. If you are the victim, you may be due compensation for your losses and injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a history of trying to push as much fault onto the victim as possible so they can reduce their payout. And, if at all possible, they will completely deny your claim. A skilled and aggressive personal injury attorney can protect your rights, including you right to a fair settlement.

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