Green Bay electric scooter injury lawyerAs they become more popular as a means of transportation, e-scooters also carry risk of injury for its users. While the devices can provide a quick and efficient way for getting around town, users should also be aware of the common causes for accidents and injury.

It’s not uncommon for accidents involving e-scooters to result in serious injury for which the user may want to consider seeking compensation. If that injury is due to the fault of another person, the user may want to consider obtaining legal representation.

Common causes for e-scooter accidents

One of the most common causes for e-scooter accidents is riders failing to follow basic traffic rules and regulations. Many times, accidents are caused by riders not following speed limits and failing to stop at stop signs and traffic lights. It’s also not uncommon for riders to be distracted by using their phones or other electronic devices.

Additionally, first-time riders may not understand exactly how to use e-scooters, including the overall knowledge for how to use them. E-scooters tend to accelerate quickly, which can surprise first-time users and lead to accidents. Other riders may not wear protective equipment such as helmets. 

Other causes for accidents can include weather conditions, poor road conditions, and faulty mechanics of the e-scooter itself.

Common injuries resulting from e-scooter accidents

It’s not uncommon for injuries resulting from e-scooter accidents to include head and neck injuries, soft tissue injuries, lacerations and abrasions along with internal injuries. Concussions and spinal injuries in addition to fractured bones and joint dislocations can occur if riders collide with an automobile or a stationary object.

Riders should inspect any e-scooter before they ride it to ensure that it is in proper working order. Once using the e-scooter they should also follow all traffic rules and regulations and be aware of their surroundings, including road conditions and traffic patterns around them.

Reasons for legal action with e-scooter accidents

Claims that are often made in legal cases made on behalf of e-scooter riders who suffered injury through no fault include the e-scooter manufacturer not providing enough information or warning about potential hazards related to use of an e-scooter. Such claims may also reference an insufficient amount of training or information for riders to safely operate the e-scooter.

Legal action may also be taken against automobile drivers or against municipalities for poor road maintenance that led to poor riding conditions.

What to do if injured while using an e-scooter

If you’re injured through no fault of your own while riding an e-scooter and want to seek compensation for injuries suffered, it will be incumbent on you to gather evidence and prove the defendant was negligent in some way to cause the accident. For these reasons it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney and gather evidence such as eye witness accounts, photos of the accident scene or damaged e-scooter in addition to documentation of any medical treatments. 

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