Contact a personal injruy attorneyIf you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may be in a position where it makes sense to contact a personal injury attorney to determine if there are legal options for you to pursue. 

However, there are initial steps to take prior to pursuing legal help. First and foremost, your health and safety should be your top priority. You should immediately seek medical attention for any injuries suffered in the accident to avoid additional repercussions on your health that may come from a delay in getting help.

Make sure to share all of the accident details you can with your doctor, it’s very important to be as transparent as possible, even if an injury seems minor.

After seeing to your immediate physical wellbeing, the next step should be to gather as much evidence and documentation of the accident as you can, especially any medical bills.

Upon collecting all the documentation, you can then contact an attorney for an initial consultation about your case and possible next steps. 

Why is it important to contact a lawyer if you’ve been injured?

Navigating the legal system as an individual is daunting. The medical expenses, lost wages, and inability to care for your family when recovering from a personal injury can be overwhelming. Trying to quickly recover money from an insurance company can also prove to be a formidable task.

Getting in contact with an attorney gives you the ability to focus on your personal well-being and give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

An attorney can help identify your options to move forward, expedite the process for timely compensation, and could be the difference in the outcome of your case

An attorney can help clarify your options

Many people choose to hire an attorney shortly after an accident, however, even if many months have passed since the accident, it still makes sense to reach out to a competent personal attorney.  But it’s important to keep in mind there are statutory deadlines that require legal action to be filed or a settlement reached by a certain deadline.  Accordingly, it is best to contact counsel early in the process to avoid any issues with the statute of limitations prohibiting your ability to recover.

In some simple injury cases, you may not need an attorney.  For example, if you have only sought out care on one or two occasions and are entirely healed, you likely can handle your own claim. However, for anything more complicated or with injuries that result in ongoing symptoms, you are best served by seeking out an attorney. 

If you are unsure about moving forward with an attorney, you can always schedule a consultation free of charge at Herrling Clark Law Firm to clarify your decision.

Call an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

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