Green Bay electrocution attorneysStatistics from the Electrical Safety Foundation International, or ESFI, indicate that there were over 2, 200 non-fatal electrocution injuries in the year 2015. One-quarter of those electrocutions resulted in time away from work for the injured party. While the median time-frame amounted to just 10 days, the data also suggests that a return to work is not always possible. Furthermore, workers may be unable to perform their original duties after an electrocution injury. Learn more about the outcome and prognosis for electrocution victims in the following sections. 

Study Examines Long-Term Prognosis for Electrocution Victims 

A recent study, published in the Journal of Acute Disease, researchers examined the long-term outcomes and prognosis for electrocution victims. Participants, who suffered their injuries between 2006 and 2008, were mostly male (96.8 percent) with a median age of 27.9. Nearly three-quarters of the injuries (73.9 percent) were work-related. Study authors followed the victims for six years, post-injury. 

Results indicated that most of the injured victims returned to work (81 percent), but only 5 percent were able to resume their original work duties. Most needed financial support from their families, insurance companies, or employers after returning to their jobs. Total disability prevented 6.3 percent from ever returning to their jobs. These individuals needed complete help with even minor, daily living activities. Many of these individuals were younger and had a longer life expectancy, which places a burden on the government and society. 

High Voltage Electrocution Increases Risk of Disability and Time Away from Work

In addition to their general findings, researchers determined that higher voltage electrocutions tended to result in a higher risk of total disability, as well as longer periods away from work. They also indicated that these individuals were more likely to need an amputation or flap repair, which can negatively impact their overall quality of life. 

Seeking Compensation After an Electrocution Injury? Call Our Appleton Personal Injury Lawyers

Electrocutions occur mostly on the job, but even consumer products can result in an electrocution injury. In either case, the victim may be entitled to compensation. Those injured on the job may also be entitled to workers’ compensation. Whatever the situation, it is critical that victims seek the highest settlement possible, as a fair payout can decrease stress on the family unit and increase the odds of financial stability if a long-term disability does occur. 

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