green bay truck crash lawyerTractor-trailer trucks are a constant presence on the roads throughout the United States. A single commercial truck may travel thousands of miles each week, which can put significant wear and tear on the truck’s systems. When a truck’s equipment breaks down or does not function properly, this can lead to dangerous truck accidents. A truck’s brakes are some of its most important safety systems, and there are a variety of issues that could cause brakes to fail to work properly. When collisions occur because of brake problems on a truck, victims will need to work with an attorney to determine who was responsible and pursue compensation for their injuries.

Issues That Can Affect a Truck’s Air Brakes

Because semi-trailer trucks are so large and heavy, their brakes need to be able to apply significant pressure that will allow a driver to slow down and stop correctly. Most commercial trucks use air brakes that apply compressed air to provide the proper pressure. While air brakes have many advantages, they also have multiple possible points of failure that could lead to brake failure or other problems that affect a driver’s ability to control a truck.

Some problems with air brakes that may affect commercial trucks include:

  • Misaligned brakes – Pressure should be applied equally to all of a truck’s wheels. There are a variety of issues that could cause more pressure to be applied to the wheels on one side of the truck, including blockages in valves or incorrectly installed hoses and fittings. If brakes are not aligned properly, a truck may pull to the side when braking, which could cause a driver to lose control, especially when braking while going around a curve or corner.
  • Brake timing problems – Brakes should be applied in the correct order, from the rear to the front of a truck. If the timing of brakes is off, the cab of a truck could slow down before brakes are applied to the trailer, causing the trailer to bump against the cab and potentially affecting the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.
  • Air pressure issues – Multiple issues may affect the amount of air pressure in a truck’s braking system. Pressure may build up too slowly, or leakages may cause pressure to be released too quickly. Without the proper air pressure, a truck’s brakes may not function properly, and a driver may be unable to slow down or stop correctly.
  • Locked brakes – If the brake shoes on any of a truck’s wheels lock up, this can lead to a loss of control, affecting the driver’s ability to accelerate or steer correctly.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a truck crash and you wish to seek financial compensation for your damages, It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will work to preserve the evidence needed to build a compelling claim before the evidence is lost or no longer accessible. 

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