Green Bay car crash lawyersTraffic accidents at intersections are both exceedingly frequent and potentially dangerous. Much of this increased risk can be attributed to the fact intersections involve two or more roads where multiple activities, such as turning left and crossing over occur. Learn more about intersection accidents in the following sections, including the frequency at which they occur and the injuries that victims of these accidents may experience, and discover how a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help you in your pursuit for full and fair compensation. 

Intersection Accident Statistics

Data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and National Automotive Sampling System-General Estimates System (NASS-GES) indicates that around 40 percent of all crashes occur at intersections. Most (about 96 percent) are attributed to the fault of one or more drivers. Inadequate surveillance is considered the most common reason that these crashes occur (44.1 percent). Obstructed view, illegal maneuver, and false assumption of other’s actions are some of the other common reasons for intersection crashes. 

Red Light Cameras May Increase the Incidence of Intersection Crashes

For years, law enforcement has claimed that red light cameras reduce the occurrence of crashes at intersections, but a new study indicates that their presence may actually increase a motorist’s chance of a crash. In fact, the authors determined that, while the presence of red light cameras did seem to decrease the occurrence of angle-crashes (such as t-bone crashes, which tend to be some of the most devastating for victims) by about 26 percent, they appeared to increase the overall rate of accidents, particularly non-angle crashes, like rear-end crashes. Researchers say this is likely because drivers brake suddenly to avoid a ticket, and they lose their focus on safety. 

Injuries Victims May Sustain in an Intersection Crash

While the injuries that victims sustain in intersection crashes tend to vary by case, some are more common than others. These include:

  • Whiplash injuries,
  • Facial injuries,
  • Spinal injuries,
  • Head injuries (including traumatic brain injury),
  • Soft tissue injuries,
  • Sprains and strains, and
  • Broken bones. 

When such injuries are sustained, and fault falls on the shoulders of another driver, victims may be owed compensation. Unfortunately, the claims process can be both lengthy and complex, and victims tend to be at a disadvantage against the insurance companies. Gain seasoned and competent legal assistance with your case. Contact the Green Bay car crash lawyers at Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd. and schedule a free initial consultation. Call 920-739-7366 today.