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Who Pays the Bill for Impaired Drivers in Personal Injury Cases

In the wake of a crash caused by an impaired driver, the physical, emotional and financial toll on victims can be overwhelming. Amid the chaos, a critical question looms: Who pays the bill for the damages incurred by impaired drivers? Navigating the process of seeking compensation following a crash  caused by an impaired driver does not have to be overwhelming, especially with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Insurance [...]

Slow Down And Stay Safe When Driving In Construction Zones

Construction zones are an avoidable reality of traveling on roads and highways. No matter the type of project or size of a road construction zone, it’s important to pay attention, obey signs and signals, and be patient when driving in construction zones in order to avoid an accident. Construction zones are hazardous places for workers and drivers, increasing risk of injury on both sides. However, by following a few simple [...]

It’s Important to Understand Coverage Provided by Your Auto Insurance

Wisconsin law requires all automobile operators to carry auto insurance. At the very minimum, drivers are required to have liability and uninsured motorist coverage. The insurance marketplace provides many different options to choose from and deciding on the appropriate policy can be complex. The following is a primer for the basic types of auto insurance available.   Liability Coverage There are two types of liability coverage - bodily injury liability coverage [...]

When to Contact an Attorney After Developing Soft Tissue Injuries

If you’ve been in a car crash do not dismiss aches and pains that develop after the incident. Such injuries often mean that soft tissue like muscles, or connective tissue, like tendons and ligaments have been damaged, possibly resulting in long-lasting physical limitations and pain. In some cases, these injuries could also lead to significant medical costs. Upon suffering soft tissue injuries visit a medical professional to receive proper diagnosis [...]

What is a Phantom Vehicle?

Single-car accidents are not always the fault of the driver of a crashed vehicle. Often, these accidents occur due to “miss and runs.” A miss and run occurs when another driver comes into your lane or otherwise runs you off the road without making physical contact with your vehicle. Often, these “miss and run” offenders continue driving because their vehicle was not involved in the crash. Because the “miss and run” vehicle [...]

Five Safe Driving Tips for Winter Roads

If you have lived in Wisconsin for any period of time, you know that driving in the winter can be a white-knuckle experience. Although none of us can control the weather, there are several things you can think about behind the wheel during the winter that will help keep you safe on the roads. Check the weather before getting behind the wheel. Just because there isn’t snow falling from the [...]

Oh Dear! October Sees a Peak In Deer-Related Crashes

According to the State Patrol, in 2020, there were more than 16,000 deer-related crashes involving deer fatalities, and 13 of those crashes included fatalities to the motor vehicle operators involved.  Although crashes involving deer can happen at any time of the day, deer are most active near roadways in the morning and evening hours.  Avoiding Deer Collisions According to Patrolman David Ecklor, these are helpful tips for safe driving when [...]

How Long Is the Wisconsin Statute of Limitations for My Personal Injury Claim and How Does it Affect My Case?

In Wisconsin, section 893.54 of the Wisconsin Statute of Limitations sets out various time limits that will limit a person’s ability to pursue certain claims.  Generally, if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, you have three years to bring your claim. This same three-year period applies to actions to recover damages for death caused by the wrongful act of another. However, if the death was caused [...]

What To Do After a Winter Car Crash

Weather-related car accidents are a common occurrence during harsh Wisconsin winters. Snow and ice make braking and navigating turns tricky. Drivers are expected to factor in weather conditions and use appropriate care to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to respect the dangers of winter weather, and their carelessness results in injuries to others.  There are special considerations in winter car accidents. Timing is critical - winter weather has a [...]

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When is Reporting a Car Accident Mandatory?

Filing a police report after any car accident is a good idea. Even if you do not think you are injured at the time, you could quite possibly discover days or even weeks later that the accident did more damage than you originally thought. Delayed injuries like whiplash are common after an auto accident, meaning you might feel fine at the accident scene only to wake up in pain the [...]

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