Green Bay soft tissue injury lawyersIf you’ve been in a car crash do not dismiss aches and pains that develop after the incident.

Such injuries often mean that soft tissue like muscles, or connective tissue, like tendons and ligaments have been damaged, possibly resulting in long-lasting physical limitations and pain. In some cases, these injuries could also lead to significant medical costs.

Upon suffering soft tissue injuries visit a medical professional to receive proper diagnosis and appropriate care as soon as possible. Once you’ve started the recovery process, contacting a trusted personal injury attorney may be in your best interests.

The attorney can assess your situation and provide counsel on whether you should pursue legal action to protect your right to fair compensation and a stable future.

What are soft tissue injuries?

Soft tissue injuries occur when muscles and connective tissue are stretched, torn or become inflamed. Examples of these injuries include whiplash, sprains, strains, and contusions or bruises. Such injuries are often associated with trauma resulting overuse of particular body parts or blunt force trauma due to an accident.

Factors that contribute to legal ramifications involving soft tissue injuries in an accident, include:

  • Significant limitations resulting from the injury;
  • Length of time for such injuries to heal, in some cases they never do;
  • Inability to use arms, hands, feet and legs; and
  • Blood collecting around an injury sometimes resulting in irreversible damage, particularly in cases of internal bruising.

Injuries can have a broad impact on one’s lifestyle, which is why it’s important to consider the full cost of the damages caused by soft tissue injuries. A personal injury lawyer at Herrling Clark Law Firm can help calculate the value of one’s losses resulting from injury.

Securing compensation for soft tissue injuries

In addition to consulting with an attorney about securing compensation for soft tissue injuries suffered in an accident, securing testimony of a qualified doctor with experience treating such injuries can be helpful in building a case.

Additionally, collecting supporting proof of the impact that the injuries have had on your lifestyle can be critical to helping the court determine the extent of your losses.

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