appleton car crash lawyerWeather-related car accidents are a common occurrence during harsh Wisconsin winters. Snow and ice make braking and navigating turns tricky. Drivers are expected to factor in weather conditions and use appropriate care to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to respect the dangers of winter weather, and their carelessness results in injuries to others. 

There are special considerations in winter car accidents. Timing is critical – winter weather has a way of covering up important evidence fast. While it is always a good idea to contact an attorney immediately after a car crash, it is even more important in snowy weather. The investigation on your behalf will need to start right away. 

What Should I Do Right After a Winter Weather Car Accident? 

Getting into a car crash in snowy and icy weather is a much different experience than experiencing a wreck in fair weather. Remembering these considerations may help: 

  • Safety – As in any accident, seek appropriate medical care immediately if you are hurt. Being stranded in summer weather is annoying, but being stranded in freezing temperatures can be dangerous. Especially if you are elderly or otherwise vulnerable, frostbite and hypothermia are risks.
  • Witnesses – Pedestrian witnesses may be less likely to stop if they are freezing cold and being snowed on. Getting contact information from potential witnesses before they flee to warmth can be critical. 
  • Evidence – Mother Nature may try to cover up evidence at the accident scene by dumping snow on it, melting snow that contributed to the accident, or blowing small bits of broken glass or other pieces of damaged vehicles away. Once this happens, the accident scene cannot be accurately recreated. If you can safely do so, take photos of the crash. The best thing to do is immediately call a lawyer for guidance about preserving evidence. 

Green Bay may look beautiful under a blanket of snow, but winter weather can jeopardize your car accident injury claim. Timing is exceptionally important when falling snow threatens to hide important evidence. Contacting an attorney right away – even calling from the accident scene if you can safely do so – gives you the best chances at assembling all the proof you will need to recover compensation. 

Call a Wisconsin Car Accidents Injury Lawyer

Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd. is highly experienced at investigating winter car accidents despite the challenges snow and ice bring. Our knowledgeable Green Bay car accident injuries lawyers will begin collecting the evidence you need right away and fight for you to recover compensation for your injuries. Call us at 920-739-7366 for a free consultation.