Wisconsin child injury attorneyesTraumatic brain injury (TBI) is experienced by over half a million children each year and a leading cause of death among young people. Sadly, science still has very few answers on changing those statistics. In fact, if anything, it is becoming more and more clear that the real answer here is prevention.

Take, for example, a recent study in which scientists determined that intracranial pressure monitoring, though helpful with adults, is an ineffective treatment option for children. Learn more about why this study (and others like it) could be important to your child injury case with help from the following.

Children and Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

In adults, intracranial pressure monitoring (measuring pressure within the brain using an implanted catheter) can reduce the risk of a fatality. Sadly, scientists did not see this same benefit when examining the treatment’s efficacy in children. Instead, the procedure seems to have an adverse effect on young patients.

While comparing the outcomes of 3, 084 pediatric patients with a brain injury (some with intracranial pressure monitoring and some without), the researchers found no notable benefit. It did not improve outcomes, nor did it decrease the child’s overall risk of a fatality. Intracranial pressure monitoring in children was also associated with a longer hospital stay. That can add more weight to the financial burden that families must carry after their child experiences an injury. Furthermore, it may increase the child’s risk of post-surgical infection or complications.

Your Child’s Brain Injury

This is not the first time treatment type to be deemed ineffective for treating children. One study on the use of antibiotics in children found that, instead of reducing swelling in the brain like it does in adults, it may cause more cognitive defects. Furthermore, children must often “grow into” their injuries – which essentially means that, though a specific part of the brain was permanently injured, they may not have reached an age where the level of reasoning is being used, so it may be impossible to detect. All of this, when combined with the struggles that families face while trying to help their child heal, can impact a child injury settlement.

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