Green Bay whiplash injury attorneysChronic whiplash is a painful and often depressing condition – especially since treatment options are so horribly limited and, in some cases, ineffective. Thankfully, it appears that science may have discovered a new treatment option. Learn more, and discover what options may be available to you after a chronic whiplash injury, such as the option to pursue compensation.

Surgical Treatment for Chronic Whiplash

Current forms of treatment for chronic whiplash include physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga and other forms of exercise, ice and heat therapy, bracing, and pain medication. While such treatments may be helpful for some patients, others continue to experience pain, numbness, headaches, and other chronic whiplash symptoms. It is the latter patients that the study focused on – those in which traditional treatment had been ineffective.

There were 29 total patients in the longitudinal study. Divided into three groups – 8 patients who received arthroscopic shoulder stabilization (SH) only, 21 patients that received arthroscopic shoulder stabilization and neurolysis of the brachial-plexus (BPN), and one patient that received only neurolysis of the brachial-plexus (this patient did not show evidence of shoulder laxity, which was a requirement for SH surgery). All showed improvement at each stage of treatment, but those that received only SH had the best results, overall. Patients that received both SH and BPN did eventually have results that were comparable to the SH only group, but their recovery time was significantly longer. It should also be noted that the SH and BPN patients did not achieve results that were comparable to the SH group only until after receiving the BPN surgery.

What the Results Mean for Chronic Whiplash Victims

While the possibility of a new and potentially more effective treatment is, in and of itself, a positive outcome of the study, it is not the only takeaway from this study. This study also offers validation to chronic whiplash sufferers. Often written off by insurance companies, these motor vehicle accident victims are often left feeling frustrated and depressed – especially when their physician tells them there is nothing else that can be done. However, this is not true; victims do have the right to pursue compensation for their losses and damages. Some may also be eligible for long-term disability and compensation for pain and suffering.

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