drowning accidents, Appleton Personal Injury LawyerSummer is a prime time for Wisconsinites to visit pools, lakes, and other waterfronts. However, where there is water, there is a risk for drowning accidents to occur.

Drowning accidents can be terrifying and victims often do not survive. When a victim does survive, he or she may suffer serious brain damage due to a lack of oxygen or a head injury caused by hitting the side or bottom of a pool.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from drowning accidents can have complex legal issues, including identifying which act of negligence led to the accident and whether existing statutes (like the Recreational Immunity Statute) may bar a claim for the injuries or death.

Swimming Pool Accidents

While swimming pools are a fun way to beat the summer heat, dangerous conditions that exist in or around a pool can cause serious injuries or death. A pool owner should keep the pool area in a reasonably safe condition so as to avoid injuries to swimmers and other visitors.

Requirements under various pool safety regulations include the following examples:

  • Having a barrier around the pool that is high enough to keep out unsupervised children, which is free from holes or other unintended points of access;

  • Installing a gate that self-latches or locks with the lock out of the reach of small children;

  • Keeping the surface around the pool free from objects or obstacles that may cause trips and falls into the pool;

  • Having non-slippery floor materials around the pool to avoid slip and falls;

  • Keeping the surfaces inside the pool and around the edges free from sharp materials; and

  • Having all drain covers comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

If a pool owner fails to abide by any of the above, and a swimmer is involved in a serious accident, the owner may be found negligent and could be held liable for the losses of a victim or a victim’s family.

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