Appleton truck accident attorney, override truck accidentsCommercial trucks can weigh up to 80, 000 pounds and often dwarf other passenger vehicles on the road. For this reason, any type of collision involving a large commercial vehicle can result in catastrophic, and often fatal, injuries. Truck accident victims often have the legal right to recover for medical bills and other losses if the truck driver or another party was negligent in causing the accident.

One type of truck collision that has the potential to cause particularly devastating damage and injury is called an “override” accident. An override happens when a large truck collides with the back of a smaller vehicle and, in fact, drives onto the vehicle. This can often completely crush the smaller car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle. As you can imagine, anyone in the smaller vehicle will likely sustain catastrophic if not fatal injuries, especially if they are in the backseat.

Because of the extensive losses that may incur in override accidents, these cases can be complicated and can involve high amounts of compensation.

Common Causes of Truck Override Accidents

Perhaps the most important issue in an override accident case is determining if another party was responsible for the accident. There are several different causes of override accidents, many of which involve a negligent act or omission on the part of the truck driver, though other parties may be negligent, as well. The following are examples in which this very serious type of accident can occur:

  • Distracted driving including violating the handheld technology use regulations by the FMCSA;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Following too closely;
  • Brake or tire failure due to defective parts or failure to properly inspect and maintain trucks;
  • Overloaded trucks that cause braking issues;
  • Improper loading of cargo;
  • Insufficient driver training;
  • Adverse health events of truck drivers; or
  • Adverse road conditions that cause a driver to lose control.

Any type of trucking case can be complex, as many different parties may be involved in causing the accident. Moreover, injuries that result from an override accident can require long-term and costly medical treatment and can result in permanent disabilities, if a victim survives the collision at all.

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