Wisconsin car crash lawyersWhile most auto accident injuries are minor and heal with time, some collisions cause serious, life-altering injuries. In these situations, full and fair compensation can be critical for victims and their families. Sadly, achieving this goal can be far more difficult than most anticipate. Learn more in the following sections, including how the assistance of a skilled, competent attorney can ease the complex process and improve the outcome of your Wisconsin auto accident claim

Why Compensation is Critical

In a minor crash, compensation can offset any losses that the victim has experienced (i.e. time lost at work, medical expenses, etc.). When a more serious injury occurs, compensation should do more than just offset losses; it should help ensure that the victim has the resources they need, both immediately and in the future. As an example, consider the victim who suffers a severe brain injury in a crash. Rendered permanently disabled, they cannot return to work to support themselves or their family, and they require some assistance with their daily living activities.

Compensation should cover their income losses, loss of vitality in life, and the cost of an in-home care aide. Sadly, the insurance company will likely find any excuse they can to reduce their overall payout to the victim. Because of this, seriously injured victims and their families are encouraged to seek experienced legal counsel.

How an Attorney Protects Your Right to Compensation

More often than not, insurance companies attempt to contact crash victims before they have had the chance to consult with an attorney. They do this for several reasons. First, they know that victims are vulnerable in the aftermath of a crash, and they are more likely to accept the first settlement that comes their way. Secondly, insurance companies know that victims do not typically have the knowledge or resources to determine just much they may be owed.

In contrast, a skilled attorney should have extensive knowledge regarding the various types of compensation (and amount) that victims may be owed. They can also advise victims and their families as to whether a settlement offer might be considered “fair” or appropriate in the eyes of the law. In short, an attorney can protect victims from the deceptive and underhanded settlement-reduction techniques that are often employed by insurance companies.

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