Green Bay motorcycle accident attorneysMotorcycle veterans – those that have been riding for a long time – may be less likely to experience a crash, but they may also be more susceptible to serious and life-threatening injuries. In fact, one study determined that thoracic injuries were significantly more common in those aged 60 or older than in younger riders. Learn more about the risks for older riders, and how you can seek compensation if yourself or someone you love is injured in a motorcycle accident.

A Closer Look at the Statistics

Published in the journal Injury Prevention, the study compared nonfatal injuries among older riders to those of younger riders. Also analyzed were fatal injuries, hospitalizations, and the frequency of crashes. Overall, riders in the 20 to 39 age group experienced a total of 921, 229 accidents from 2001 to 2008, while older riders (those over the age of 60) experienced only 65, 660 incidents. However, the number of thoracic injuries were significantly higher in the 60-plus age group. These same riders were also more at risk for other serious and life-threatening injuries, partly because of their weaker bone structure, lack of elasticity in the chest wall, and pre-existing health conditions.

Protecting Yourself as a Rider

If you are an older rider and are concerned about the risk of death or injury, know that there are some ways to protect yourself from fatality. For example, consider taking a safety course if you are a new rider or have not ridden in a while, and always be sure to wear the right gear. It is also advised that riders wear bright or reflective clothing, and every rider should be especially cautious at intersections since this is one of the most common places that accidents occur.

If You or a Loved One is Injured

No matter how careful the rider is, no matter how hard they try to avoid an accident, crashes can and do occur. If it happens to yourself or someone that you love, do not face it alone! Instead, contact an experienced attorney. Able to ensure your rights are protected at every turn, an attorney eases the claim process for injured victims and their families.

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