Appleton personal injury attorneysWhile there is very little data on the rate of snow plow crashes in the United States, incidents appear to be rare. Still, they can have severe consequences for victims. Keep yourself and your family safe on the road this winter with some important safety tips, and know what to do, should you or someone you love experience a snowplow accident.

Staying Safe on Winter Roads and Around Snowplows

Slick roads and decreased visibility can make navigating winter roads difficult. Snow plows, which are there to clear the roads but are slow-moving and sometimes unseen until the last second, only add to the risks. There are a few things that you can do to keep you and your family safe, however. Drive slow, clear the snow and ice from your windshield completely so you can see, look further ahead than you normally would, and leave extra room for stopping when following other vehicles.

If you do see a snow plow, slow down and give them extra room. Stay alert and be prepared for them to turn, slow down, or even stop. This can happen with little to no warning. They may also travel over the lines, attempting to clear the middle of the road to improve your visibility. As always, be sure to buckle up and avoid unnecessary travel, whenever feasible.

When Accidents Do Happen

Unfortunately, no matter how safely you drive, the risk of accident remains. Should one happen to you, file a police report and, if necessary, contact emergency responders for those that are severely injured on the scene. Note that you should not move someone who is seriously injured – especially if you suspect they may be suffering from a neck or spinal injury – unless leaving them where they are could place them at more risk.

Even if injuries are not immediately evident after the accident, it is important to ensure that you and your passengers are seen by a physician since adrenaline can sometimes mask symptoms. You should also collect any and all information you can, including a copy of the police report, a copy of your medical records, and receipts for any of your expenses. This information should be submitted to your lawyer to ensure that all your losses are accounted for.

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