green bay car crash lawyerAfter spending last Thanksgiving and Christmas mostly apart due to the pandemic, many families and friends are looking forward to gathering in person for the holidays this year. The holiday season is a happy time for people to come together. Of course, coming together in person means that a lot of people will be on the roads, traveling to visit loved ones. Unfortunately, not all of those drivers will be careful – or sober. If you experience a wreck involving a drunk driver this holiday season, it is important that you waste no time in contacting an attorney. A lot of important evidence from the scene of the accident will need to be preserved quickly before it is lost due to winter weather and heavy traffic. 

How Can I Tell if Another Driver is Intoxicated? 

It can be both frightening and frustrating to encounter a drunk driver on the road, especially if you notice the signs and still are not able to avoid being hit by him. Other times, you may not be aware of the other vehicle until it has run a traffic light and struck you. Your first clue that intoxication was a factor in your crash may be the way the other driver behaves after stepping out of the vehicle. In any event, it is very important that you inform the police of your suspicion when they come to take a report. Signs of a drunk driver include: 

  • Swerving – Weaving in and out of lanes or being unable to drive in a straight line suggests impairment. 
  • Running signals – Drunk drivers may not notice traffic lights or stop signs on time. 
  • Signaling without turning
  • Speeding – Conversely, a drunk driver may drive too slowly.
  • Aggression – Before or after the collision, drunk drivers may behave aggressively by yelling, honking their horns, or making threats. 
  • Poor balance – Those who cannot drive straight often cannot walk straight either. 
  • Confusion – Alcohol and other narcotics one should not drive after taking can cause confusion, forgetfulness, lack of alertness, and other signs that are often obvious. 
  • Smell – You may smell alcohol or marijuana as soon as the other driver rolls down his window or steps out of his vehicle. You may have been able to smell it coming from the vehicle even before the accident in some cases. 

The most important thing you can do – after getting needed medical attention – is to reach out to a lawyer as quickly as possible. Intoxication does not last long, so your time window to prove that the other driver was intoxicated may be quite short. Even waiting until the next day could jeopardize your ability to prove that your accident was caused by drunk driving. 

Call a Wisconsin Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer

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