Hit-and-run car accidents are uniquely frustrating. You are left injured and wondering how your medical bills and other costs will be paid while the responsible party is nowhere to be found. Hit-and-run drivers take off for a number of reasons, often because they were breaking the law even before the crash. 

There are ways an attorney may be able to go about recovering compensation for you after a hit-and-run accident, whether by helping to locate the at-fault driver or using another method. Even if you believe there is no chance of identifying the other driver, calling an attorney can still benefit you. Recovering compensation is still possible in most cases. 

The 6 Most Common Reasons Hit-and-Run Drivers Keep Going

After a collision, all vehicles involved are required to stop and exchange information, as well as file a police report in most cases. When drivers do not stop, they are committing a crime. Try to make note of as many details about the vehicle as possible, as it may help later identify the responsible party. Reasons a driver may not stop after causing a crash include:

  • No insurance – An uninsured or underinsured driver may fear both a ticket and personal liability for an accident.
  • Intoxicated – A driver who is drunk or under the influence of narcotics lacks good judgment. They may try to speed away to avoid getting a DUI. In some sad cases involving pedestrians, intoxicated drivers may not even be aware that they have struck someone. 
  • No license – Drivers who have no license, or whose license has been suspended or revoked may not stop after causing a crash, fearing arrest or a citation on top of any civil liability. Some of these drivers do not have a valid license for good reason – they may be prone to recklessness or drunk driving and are more likely to cause a crash in the first place. 
  • No witnesses – If no one saw the accident, an at-fault driver may feel that he can get away with it if he does not stop.
  • Warrant – Someone who knows he will be arrested upon making contact with the police due to an active warrant may not stop and wait for the police after causing a crash. 
  • Multiple accidents – If someone has already had multiple at-fault accidents in the last few years, they have likely already experienced consequences like increased insurance rates. They may not stop for fear of being dropped by their insurance provider. 

Even if the other driver does not stop, you should still contact an attorney quickly after the crash. A lawyer can help you preserve important evidence, begin efforts to identify the at-fault driver, or guide you through the process of recovering compensation if the other driver cannot be found. 

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