Wisconsin spinal injury lawyersOf all the injuries that one can sustain in an accident, spinal injuries are some of the worst – and not just because of the risk of partial, total, temporary, or permanent disability. While there are some forms of treatment that may slightly improve a victim’s circumstance, there are no known ways to reverse the damage. Science has been working tirelessly on finding answers, however, and one group is now a full year into an experimental treatment with promising results.

Four Out of Six Patients Show Shocking Improvement

One year ago, Asterias Biotherapeutics injected 10 million stem cells into the paralyzed patients. Four of them have seen dramatic results in the early-stage clinical trial – and though they are by no means healed from their injuries, their overall quality of life has improved. One example is the man who had experienced a spinal cord injury during a bicycle accident near his home in Illinois.

In the first few weeks after the accident, he could barely lift his right arm to his chest. He could not lift his left arm at all. Just one month after treatment, he could use his right arm well enough to feed himself and he could lift his left arm off the bed. It has now been a year since his treatment and he can change his own shirt and get himself out of his wheelchair, unassisted – and he is still improving. He is doing so well, in fact, that he hopes to be driving and living a mostly independent life within the next year.

Scientists caution that it is still too early to determine if the stem cell injection was the reason for recovery. It is possible that, instead, patients experienced spontaneous recovery or that they responded well to the intensive therapy. Still, when one compares the results of this small group to another large group of people with similar injuries, the results are astonishing. In fact, the scientists are so optimistic that they plan to move forward with a randomized, control trial. Should that trial go well, the research team would then be on track for FDA approval.

Waiting for Hope and Compensation

The stem cell trial is not the only one to show progress. In fact, there are many scientists out there, trying to come up with treatment options for spinal injury victims. Suffice it to say that, eventually, someone will come up with a way to bring back at least some quality of life. Until then, many are waiting for hope and compensation. Hope, for some, may come from the possibility of a clinical trial. For others, it is simply knowing that their expenses will be covered and their family will be cared for in the years to come. Either way, an experienced attorney can help.

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