10 Steps to Take After Experiencing a Car Accident

With an estimated six million car accidents happening in America each year, your odds of experiencing one are quite high. Thankfully, most crashes result in only minor injuries. Yet, even then, it is important that you know how to proceed afterward. These 10 steps to take after a car accident can provide you with guidance.  1. Check Yourself and Passengers for Injuries The first step to take after an accident [...]

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Safety Advocates Are Asking Congress to Go Slow on Driverless Vehicles

With more than 40, 000 highway deaths and approximately two million deaths last year, lawmakers are eager to reduce the number of traffic accidents that occur on U.S. highways each year. Self-driving cars – those that operate without the aid of the driver – seem to be the answer that lawmakers are focusing on right now. In fact, Congress is currently considering several bills that would expand the driverless car [...]

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