Pursuing Compensation for Injuries Caused by Negligent Boat Operation

The summer months are a time to enjoy the outdoors, and the state of Wisconsin provides some great opportunities for spending time in and around the water. The state’s many lakes and rivers offer people the chance to enjoy a wide variety of boating activities. While spending time on boats and participating in activities such as water skiing can be fun and relaxing, people who do so are also at [...]

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Can I Recover Compensation for Injuries in a Wisconsin Boat Accident?

During the summer months, many people enjoy boating and other water-related activities on the lakes and rivers throughout the state of Wisconsin. However, these activities carry some degree of risk, and it is important to follow the proper safety procedures. Unfortunately, even when boat operators and passengers do everything they can to stay safe, they may still suffer serious injuries in boating accidents. If injuries occur because of someone else’s [...]

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