Examining the Most Common Car Crash Causes in Wisconsin

An estimated six million crashes occur in the United States each year. Of those, nearly 40, 000 results in someone’s death. Thousands more result in injuries that cause victims to miss time from work or school. Victims also tend to incur medical expenses, and they may even experience a loss of vitality, or they may be rendered disabled. Thankfully, by knowing the most common causes of crashes, drivers can reduce [...]

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Fault in an Auto Accident – How It Is Determined and Why It Matters

After an auto accident, you will hear a lot of industry-specific terms; fault is one of them. While most drivers know the meaning of the term, not all understand how it is determined or why it matters. The following information explains, and it provides some important details on how an experienced auto accident attorney can help improve the outcome of your personal injury case. Fault in a Car Crash – [...]

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