Aggressive Infection Control Measures Can Reduce Risk of Morbidity for Burn Injury Victims

The skin is designed to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and other foreign debris. When a burn occurs, the skin’s ability to protect the body is hindered. Because of this, burn injury victims may experience bacterial or fungal infections while undergoing treatment. Should this occur, their life may be at risk. Discover how an infection could impact the outcome of a burn injury case and learn more about how [...]

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Burn Injuries: Types, Causes and Treatments

Estimates from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey suggest that approximately 486, 000 Americans receive medical treatment for burns each year. Varied in severity, type, and cause, these injuries can cause permanent or long-term damage to the body's external tissues. In the most severe of cases, burns may result in shock or even death. The following outlines the types, causes, and most common treatments. Causes of Burns Burns injuries [...]

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