Who Is Liable for a Motorcycle Accident Involving Lane Splitting in Wisconsin?

Safety should be a top priority for anyone that is operating a vehicle. Auto accidents involving a car or motorcycle can result in property damage, serious injuries, and wrongful deaths. Lane splitting, which is often referred to as traffic filtering or white lining, is the act of driving a motorcycle in between two lanes of traffic. Although lane splitting is illegal in Wisconsin, motorcyclists may violate traffic laws in this [...]

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Common Ways Insurance Companies Act Unfairly

Although every single car accident and the effects of such an accident are unique, there is often one common factor seen in the details of a claim for damages following an accident: an injured party often has to deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies after these accidents can be a frustrating, drawn-out, and sometimes unfair process. There is a high standard of conduct mandated for insurance [...]

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