Construction Site Negligence – Beware of Trench Collapse Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 states that U.S. employers are required to provide a safe and healthful workplace. Unfortunately, not every employer complies. Take, for example, the recent trench collapse in South Carolina. Though no one was fatally injured in the incident, OSHA fined the company for not protecting its employees from trench collapse hazards. Learn more about these dangerous but common incidents involving construction site [...]

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Negligence Can Lead to Crane Accidents

Construction sites come with numerous risks of injuries due to the use of power tools, high structures, heavy machinery, and other dangerous items. In addition to the inherent dangers on a construction site, additional injuries can occur when a worker or other party acts in a negligent manner that leads to an accident. One type of accident that can cause severe injuries to any individual involved is a crane accident. [...]

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Oconomowoc Gas Explosion: State High Court Rules in Favor of Victims

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that an insurer, responsible for specific liabilities, must share the costs and contribute to the settlement paid to victims of a gas explosion accident at a city construction site. This decision will lead to victims of the accident receiving compensation for their injuries at a faster rate. Explosion in Oconomowoc The ruling stems from a 2008 explosion in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The contractor, Dorner Inc., [...]

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