Night Driving Increases Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents – Tips for Staying Safe

Most people recognize that visibility is limited while driving at night, but just how much does that reduced sight impact your risk of a crash? According to researchers and safety experts, your risk of experiencing an accident triple once the sun goes down. Use these nighttime driving safety tips to minimize your risk of a car crash when driving in the dark.  Staying Safe on the Road at Night  At [...]

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Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

According to research from the National Safety Council, driving at night (or in early morning hours before the sun comes up) is substantially more dangerous than driving during the day. Due to a number of factors related to driver vision—color recognition, depth perception, temporary blindness caused by oncoming headlights, and peripheral acuity—this risk goes largely undiscussed and unconsidered among drivers. Stay safe when driving at night by using the following [...]

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