When Can Car Accidents Lead to Amputation Injuries?

People who are involved in auto accidents can suffer a wide variety of injuries, and these can range from relatively minor issues to major trauma. Some of the most serious injuries involve damage that is so severe that a victim will permanently lose a body part such as an arm or leg. Amputations can not only be very painful, but they will usually lead to life-long disabilities, and a person [...]

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Major and Life-Threatening Injuries Often Sustained During Car Crashes

While many car crash injuries are minor, some may be significant and life-threatening. Thankfully, proper identification of these serious injuries can improve the overall outcome for victims. Learn more about how to distinguish the difference between minor and severe injuries after a crash, and what your right to compensation may be. Injuries to the Head and Neck Some of the most common but serious injuries sustained in car accidents pertain to [...]

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